Most orders paid and cleared by 10AM (UK TIME) will usually be dispatched the same working day.

Q. When will you dispatch my order.

A. Most orders paid and cleared by 10am (UK TIME) Monday to Friday will be dispatched the same working day.  After 10am we may try to dispatch. Please note that we will not usually dispatch on most English bank - national holidays as couriers and postal services will not collect from us.

Q. You don't have what I am looking for can you get it.

A. If you contact us then we will try and help.

Q. Why don't you answer my emails.

A. We do. Most of the time we do get back to customers fairly quickly although weekends can be slower.  Some people report not getting messages and emails from us and subsequently find them in their Junk and Spam folders.  Please check Junk and Spam.  Some email systems are a little overzealous and will look at our emails as spam.  We put it down to the number of confirmation emails that we send out.  Sorry

Q. Where's my order?

A. Please contact us and we will try to help.  Although Royal Mail is good most of the time, they do lose things and some items get delayed.  Thanks to their new 2d barcoding, many items are now tracked to the doorstep.

Q.  I don't like what I have received and want a refund.

A.  No problem.  Sorry you aren't happy but as we say to some people, no matter how many photos we take, it's only when you receive an item that you hold it in your hand and see whether you like it or not.  As per laws please return to us for a refund but please let us know first so that we can email you our up to date instructions.

Q.  This item isn't gold or silver and you have broken the law.

A.  It's pretty rare that there is a problem like this as we comply with all UK laws including the sale of goods act and of course the hallmarking act.  I could rabbit on for hours about hallmarking and the laws and weights for the different metals but we would prefer customers to be happy and informed.  Please email us with your question or issue or problem and we will try to help.  If you don't like what we say then the next step is for you to contact a legal body that will be impartial and be able to help and advise.  We would recommend the Citizens Advice Bureaux  - .  If they can't help or you want to skip them then the next point would be to contact your solicitor.  We hope it won't come to this but at the end of the day the law is the law and is there to protect the public as well as merchants.